Eagle Canada is the longest running Canadian acquisition company with many of our employees having been here since day one.

We have the equipment‭, ‬experience and expertise to deliver‭ the highest quality seismic data‭.‬

We always focus on doing what is right‭ for every client because at Eagle Canada‭, quality and performance are not expensive‭, ‬they're priceless‭!‬

Since 1998, Eagle Canada has provided high quality seismic services to our clients.

Our expertise includes all seismic services to provide clients with complete solutions‭. Along with this knowledge‭ ‬comes industry-leading capacity to meet recording requirements in any environment‭, ‬for any size 2D‭, ‬3D‭, ‬4D‭, ‬micro seismic or shallow marine project‭. Our skilled data acquisition crews work across Canada and the USA with a goal of ZeroHarm‭, ‬leaving a near-zero environmental footprint‭.

Eagle Canada utilizes leading technology along with comprehensive knowledge and range of customized services to meet client’s needs‭. ‬We own‭, ‬maintain and operate our acquisition equipment‭. ‬Eagle Canada‭, ‬along with the backing of our parent company Dawson Geophysical‭, ‬operates with financial integrity and responsibility‭. ‬