Eagle Canada has an unmatched reputation in the seismic industry.

Our personnel have experience in all aspects of land acquisition‭, ‬from 2D plains work‭ to high altitude 3D heli-portable‭. ‬Whether a small dynamite program or large vibroseis‭, ‬3D Eagle‭ has all the right tools and experience to make your acquisition prospect a success‭.‬

Our achievement as an industry leader is greatly attributed to an early investment in wireless technologies for recording systems.

We have proven wireless technology to be successful, our data recovery is high and our clients are pleased with the results.

Eagle provides a complete package of services and solutions that address geophysical‭, ‬operational‭, ‬financial and land-owner requirements including‭:‬

From design to processing Eagle Canada provides clients with an AFE that is as detailed as required.

Project design and modelling are often based on area, existing infrastructure and history of the area. We work with our clients to design a cost effective, low impact project with ideal parameters for their target zone. Our Midland office is fully equipped with the resources to assist with these plans as well as local professionals providing their industry knowledge.

Developing and maintaining direct dialog between the operating company and the landowner is critical to both the overall process and the success of the project. Our experienced permit agents understand and respect the rights and interests of landowners while also properly representing the interests of our clients at the same time. Approvals can be time consuming and must be done correctly to avoid delays.

Final plans require information gathering from all aspects of the program. Accurate and timely submission to regulatory agencies ensures close government relationships.

From conception to completion, our experienced Project Managers oversee each phase of the project. From permitting, surveying, shot hole drilling through to acquisition, Eagle’s Project Managers are actively engaged with operational requirements while staying in close communication with the client at all times.

Survey, with respect to seismic, underwent an evolution in the 90’s with the initial adoption of GPS instruments. These tools and technologies would eventually replace the conventional Track/ Chain/ Survey process. The continual evolution of GPS technology, computer processing and mapping software combined with growing industry demands for economic efficiencies and reducing footprint/waste, has created an environment where “stakeless” survey solutions are desired.

Eagle Canada has developed integrated survey solutions. The concept is simple. Reducing the number of survey grade instruments and operators will reduce costs, exposure and environmental impact. Not all projects are the same, nor are all clients the same. Providing a custom solution will ensure the survey positioning and final survey accuracy is aligned with client requirements.


Option 1: Status Quo

Eagle Canada is prepared to provide survey in the conventional sense; mapping in advance, and then using Leica or Trimble Survey Grade GPS units to position lath/ pinflags as has been the industry standard for the last 15 or 20 years. This method is proven, accurate, and accepted.


Option 2: Stakeless With Support

Eagle Canada is prepared to provide survey grade instruments on every layout crew, along with support staff to facilitate a “stakeless” receiver survey. This option has been proven accurate and acceptable. The actual geophone location is surveyed rather than the intended location reducing exposure and waste. This system is well suited for prairie or open country where Eagle Canada’s Kubota drill can be equipped with RTK to enable a ONE PASS deployment.


Option 3: RTK / Recording GPS Data Combination

Eagle Canada has developed an integrated approach utilizing GPS data from wireless recording equipment combined with lower cost, sub meter accuracy navigation tools. These positions are supported with survey grade GPS survey. RTK survey is targeted to provide effective and efficient Quality Control of the geophone layout as well as provide an accepted survey deliverable.


Stakeless Vibroseis

Eagle Canada utilizes on board RTK survey and navigation systems for “stakeless” vibroseis projects. Operations are supported by survey technicians that setup, manage and process the survey.

Eagle has pre-approved drilling contractors, providing a safe, productive work environment for the community and their employees. Where possible, Eagle hires pre-approved local companies. We are licensed by NRC to manage, supply and handle explosives and provide experienced government approved Drilling Supervisors.

Eagle Canada maintains a complete array of vibroseis sources with advanced Seismic Source Force III control electronics and RTK capable GPS navigation systems for stake-less operations. Between Eagle and our parent company Dawson, we have a complete array of Vibrator sources ranging from:

  • IVI 15000 lb. high frequency low impact, narrow access Enviro vibes
  • IVI Hemi truck mount vibrators with 50,000 lb. peak force. Ideal for lithoprobes and general road surveys
  • Y-2400 48,000 lb Vibes
  • IVI ATS 60,000 lb. high frequency buggies
  • Inova 364 Commanders, 62,000 lb. peak force for high power deep horizon profiling

Our Vibrator Preventative Maintenance program is second to none. Eagle’s Vibe Maintenance Team is efficient, proactive and utilizes an electronic maintenance program ensuring maximum efficiency.

Eagle utilizes Seismic Source Force III™️ electronics integrated with RTK capable navigation systems for survey quality stake-less vibroseis positioning.

Our extensive fleet of vibrators are capable of supporting any project requirement.

Eagle Canada utilizes the latest in recording equipment to maximize results and data quality. These systems include the Geospace GSX and INOVA Hawk.  Both are designed for cable-free/radio-free seismic data recording. The self-contained nodes include single or three component 24-bit digitization, an integrated GPS receiver, built-in test signal generator and up to 32 GB per channel of non-volatile solid-state data storage.

These systems can be used stand alone or combined with ARAM cabled crews. Light weight wireless stations are ideal for limited access and complex hard to network areas, such as mountainous terrain, transition zones, rural or high-density urban locations.

Eagle and Dawson offer industry-leading capacity to meet the recording requirements in any environment for any project size. We continue to expand and invest in new technology. Through the years, we have efficiently verified usable technologies and brought them to the marketplace for our clients. As prospects become more challenging, there is a requirement to create higher quality imaging.

We support our clients with state-of-the-art equipment that includes:

  • 40,000 channels of GSR multi-channel boxes with 3C geophones
  • 93,000 channels of GSR single channel boxes
  • 7,900 channels of INOVA Hawk 3C
  • 2,200 Wireless Seismic Single Sensor RT System 2
  • 1,000 channels of ARAM Aries 2D
  • 20,000 channels of ARAM Aries 3D
  • 101 AHV-IV Commander 62,000 lb Vibes
  • 8 ATS-60 60,000 lb Vibes
  • 5 IVI Hemi 50 6×6 Truck Mount 50,000 lb Vibes
  • 5 Y-2400 48,000 lb Vibes
  • 15 Enviro 15,000 lb Vibes

Dawson Geophysical’s processing department was established in 1976. They are dedicated to providing the best possible seismic images for clients using high-quality software and hardware. Our processing team utilizes Seimax Technologies’ SeisUp ®️ Processing Software for general processing coupled with XtremeGeo’s Flatirons®️ for refraction statics and Techco Geophysical Services software for pre-stack time migration with COV (common offset vector) options. We also offer 5-D interpolation capabilities, which can reduce irregularities in survey coverage, improve fold and reduce acquisition imprint in shallow data zones.

Client interaction is welcomed throughout the processing flow and facilitated by routine collaborative quality control meetings or PowerPoint presentations to ensure the client’s goals are being met.